Wednesday, October 24, 2012


took my nanny kiddos to an apple orchard...and this fellow was just dieing to come home with me...
 girls night out!

 malls with pet stores where you can hold the puppies...score...a darling lab retriever that also wanted to come home with me.

 harvest time

 best part of my brother surprising everyone with his homecoming this past Sunday. We waltzed up our basement steps and said, "Anything exciting going on around here?" I screamed and ran down the hallway to hug him. He surprised the rest of his gang that evening. The boys were super happy to have their buddy back.
 can you say project? painting the kitchen cabinets, new counter-tops, and new floors.
  Meet Simeon. He lives in Tanzania. A little over 10 months ago I was at a Big Daddy Weave Christmas concert. I let myself wander over to the World Vision table to merely look at all the sponsor kiddos, even though I already told myself I wasn't going to sponsor one. And then I saw his sweet little face & simply could not resist. My friend, Lauran, & I decided to co-sponsor him and have been blessed to be a part of his life. We just got a second picture of him today & he's just as adorable. Grab a friend or two and pick a won't regret it!
 i have three days off work this week so I have begun painting my room. i am a slow painter and didn't make it very I get distracted easily.

gorgeous nail polish at!!! <3 br="br">

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  1. Liv-
    You are too cute. This post is you in a nutshell - loving animals, family, style, and helping children. I can't read this post without smiling - you spread such joy. Thank you! :-)


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