Monday, September 3, 2012

My Best of Honor Speech....

Now that the wedding is over, I thought I should share my maid of honor speech. I ended up not reading it off the paper like I normally do when publicly speaking, so it didn't turn out exactly like this, but very close....including my closing line. They are now Mr. & Mrs. Ingram on their way to Hawaii and my little brother is off to Kansas for 3 months to custom harvest. I am now an only child...not sure I will survive the quietness.

  I began writing this speech at the beginning of August with the hope that it would be the best maid of honor speech ever….then I realized I wasn’t too sure how these things were supposed to go or what I should say and ended up writing most of it this past week…. So bear with me.

  Some of you may know the story of Morgan and Caleb, maybe you’ve heard it from them or read it on their wedding website. My  version has a few more interesting parts that most don’t know. It all began March of 2011 when boy officially met girl. Morgan had begun attending Troy Grace Baptist since January of the same year. A relative of ours had attended the church for several years and encouraged Morgan to visit their church since she was in search of a new one….plus, they had a handsome, single, worship pastor intern.

 Because someone was attempting to fix her up with someone, she instantly was very uninterested in this Caleb Ingram fellow, but she decided to check out the church regardless. She sat in the back for a few months and told mom once that it was a good thing she sat back there because otherwise the worship intern might be a distraction We then, of course, like sisters are suppose to, spent some time facebook stalking him. She finally decided to plug into a Sunday school class. The young adult class was conveniently taught by Cal and so one Sunday she showed up to Tim Horton’s, not knowing she was going to meet the man who would become her husband.

 From here they became facebook friends…she waited and accepted his friend request right after she had a chance to repost her cover of King of Anything by Sara Bareilles. She wanted to make sure he found out she could sing. It was a sneaky maneuver….& he fell for it. Shortly thereafter, she had a message in her inbox to discuss her singing for church sometime. This all happened at the end of March.  This started their time of getting to know one another.  She was going to fill in for the first time for the church’s normal female vocalist on Palm Sunday. So mom, dad, Jared, and I went to hear her and to visit this new church of hers. I remember Morgan leading out on one of the songs and Cal keeping his head twisted sideways, his eyes on her. On the car ride home I told mom, just watch, they will end up together.

 A few weeks later I decided I needed to go to Sunday School with her so I could meet this guy myself. He quickly passed my inspection. Further into May he invited Morgan and I along with several other friends to go roller skating on a Thursday night. This is when I knew she REALLY liked Caleb when she quickly decided we should go. She never went anywhere on a work night, let alone someplace that was an hour away, and of all things to roller skate…an activity she despised. He even talked her into racing on skates and then their first date followed soon after.

 One Sunday after church,  Morgan Lauran and I met Caleb at the Troy Strawberry festival. After wondering around all together for awhile, Morgan and Caleb got separated from Lauran and I. So I called Morgan and asked her if she wanted to meet back up somewhere. To which she responded, “No, it’s okay, we’re fine, we’ll find you guys in a little bit.” At the time I was so shocked that she wanted to just walk around with him. I couldn’t figure out how that would be any fun as opposed to walking around in a group.

 Last year on the 4th of July I spent the afternoon in the pool entertaining Caleb with mom and dad, while Morgan and Lynni, who was visiting for the weekend, napped and pretending like we weren’t even there. Later that night Lynni and Morgan were talking about all the reasons Caleb was not the guy for Morg, Lynni was not helping, at all, and I eventually said something to the effect of shut up and go home. Lynni is now pretty glad I didn’t let Morg listen to her reasoning.

Their relationship definitely had many ups and downs, but through God’s grace, they have both grown and changed to look more like Christ and allowed Him to be the ultimate leader of their relationship.

Cal, I always said the guy that caught Morgan was going to have to be just as persistent and stubborn as she is…and it would probably take more than one try to capture her…which is what happened. I always prayed for an older brother. I had no idea it was going to take so many years to get one, but I suppose you were worth the wait.

 Morgan, you have been my secret keeper, my partner in late night laughter, a source to bounce creative ideas off of, my shopping companion, my go to for an emergency outfit when I had nothing to wear, my role model. You’re the person that could get under my skin the fastest, my protector, the wise one when I needed advice, and my very messy roommate for the past 20 years.  I don’t think the bond between sisters can be fully explained….but you are my best friend, and I am super excited to watch and learn from you as you begin this journey as a wife. 

Congratulations & I love you both.

 Now go forth and multiply!


  1. It's great! Love the humor and sweetness and memories.

    We live in southwest KS if your brother wanders by... :)

  2. this makes me smile thinking of my sisters and the speeches we'll make at eachother's weddings :)

  3. how beautiful - sisterly love.

  4. Hello, I was just reading some tips on maid of honour speeches when I came across your blog today. I think you've done a great job and my sister will love it when she sees this. Today I was reading some tips on this website and I liked them too. She's going to give a maid of honour speech at her best friend's wedding and since she's got that terrible stage fright she asked ,me to help. I'm definitely going to show this to her and she'll love it. Thanks again for helping.


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