Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jeremiah 29:11

I thought I would start off with this picture, because it seems like posts with Reed in them seem to get read and commented on more than anything else...so this is to draw you in...but i really want you to go to the bottom and watch the video of my friend, Lauran, give her testimony. It'll make you cry and give you goosebumps. Almost guaranteed.

 He is rather handsome, don't ya think? :] We met up in Columbus on Friday to attend his church's "Sisters Banquet." The guys and girls take turns serving each other in different, creative ways. So the guys throw a spring, semi-formal evening for the ladies. Such a sweet, encouraging night. Plus, getting dressed up and spending the evening  with the boy was grand.                   
The full outfit...photo courtesy of my madre and my cell phone.

Several friends were planning on spending the night in Columbus Friday night so that they were already there Saturday morning to help with the Heartbeat Bill rally. Bill 125 says that if the heart beat is detected, an abortion can't take place...which is at about 6 weeks. It has already passed through the House and we are working on getting it to go through the Senate. If it passes in OH, more than likely several other states will follow. More info about what you can do to help us get this Bill passed can be found HERE.

We were working in front of the statehouse...a pretty awesome way to spend a Saturday.

Statehouse bathrooms rock of course. Lacking sleep and very hot, so please do not judge my looks.

Lauran was asked to speak at the rally and share her testimony. She had been super nervous at the very thought of speaking in front of nearly 300 people. But she did phenomenal and I am super excited to see where God will lead her from here!

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