Friday, April 13, 2012

|coincident|--I think not.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, & your plans will succeed. --Proverbs 16:3

If you are unaware, that up there, is the Ohio State University stadium. It's an icon to Ohio & football. I love Ohio but have a scant [as in virtually non-existent] amount of knowledge when it comes to football. But football isn't really what I wanted to write about--just wanted you to be jealous that I got to go into the stadium while it was empty--a rare experience. 

You know what I love? Well, there are tons of things that I adore...and I have many of them listed in my new [about] section....but I really love it when God takes my plans and changes them to match His...& He seems to do it quite frequent lately. 

As I mentioned here, my boyfriend, Reed, attends OSU, which is about a 2 hour drive from me--way too far for my preference, but it is what it is. Between his school and my work, we normally only see each other on the weekends. Here's the really awesome part. There have been several occasions where we thought it would end up being two weeks before we saw each other-which is just no fun-but so far God has given us unexpected opportunities to spend time together. Last weekend his family went to Columbus for Easter so he didn't come home, but my boss gave me Monday off...and my mom had a doctors appointment in Columbus...& his class schedule was fairly open. It was simply perfect. We parted ways that evening expecting it to be 2 weeks until we saw each other again, but nope, God had something else planned. 

I am a leader for our college Bible study group--Crossing--& we are in the midst of planning our 3rd annual camping trip. Finding an affordable camping option for 30+ people that's within 3-5hrs. from home is a challenge not advised for the faint of heart. Quite the daunting task, but I think we have managed to locate the perfect spot. Hocking Hills State Park. The possibility of having showers, flushing toilets, volleyball, and a swimming pool have us giddy. We, the leaders, have decided to head to the park tomorrow morning to check it out before we book it--not how I had planned on spending my Saturday [especially no longer getting to sleep the morning away]. 

If you are actually still reading this, the bunny trail ends here. This is where the whole thing all comes together. Would you believe that Reed is actually going hiking at the state park tomorrow with a group from school...the same state park I am going to. I just found out he was going yesterday & found out I was going this afternoon. See what I mean about God just sticking His hand in and completely changing our plans. It's crazy & awesome & He can keep on doing it because I am just loving it. We could not have planned it any better. And while we may only get to see each other for 5 minutes since we are both there for two different specific reasons--it's 5 minutes we didn't think we would have.

||For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the work of your hands. How great are your words, O Lord, how profound are your thoughts.||
Psalm 92:4


  1. Ah, I'm quite familiar with that football stadium. I drive past it every morning on the way to work.

    That's so awesome how God works!! Being away from your boyfriend is no easy thing. So happy for you! Have fun in Hocking Hills :)

  2. Awww...that's sweet. So glad God has been blessing your relationship.

  3. Justin would be very jealous that you got to be in the empty staduim!!!! Plus it is cool that you have been able to see so much of Reed! God is awesome!!!


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