Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The cake I almost made....

When I first saw this cake on Pinterest I decided I was making it for my brothers 18th birthday. Considering he lives & breathes farming, I thought it was a solid choice. I vowed to resist and not show it to him. Tonight I asked him what flavor of cake he wanted. "Cheesecake," he says. I tried to convince him that he most definitely does not want cheesecake--because I can't make a combine out of cheesecake.

 I tell him that I have an awesome cake in mind. 
Again, the boy says cheesecake.
 I show him the picture. 
Still cheesecake. 




  1. This is awesome. You are more than welcome to make it for one of our sons come winter time. :)

  2. Titus would love this cake. Tell Jared he is crazy!!! I would love to see you make this!!


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