Thursday, December 1, 2011


Getting fashionable in Bass Pro.

Naples Zoo--porcupine.

Rare species we found at the zoo.

Horseshoe crabs all lined up.

Gal pals.

The poor boys were sorely outnumbered.

Amazing--Dad & Jae drooled their way through.

My 'almost 47 year old' mother...who really doesn't look days away from 47.

1928 Gypsy Wagon--Lynni & I decided we should invest & travel the west.

Caption Morgan with the regular Morgan. haha.

Not sure why, but Caleb wanted his picture with Caption Morgan too.

I told Jae when we got there that if he wanted his picture by anything-I would take it for him. He said he was fine. A couple of hours later  he decided that whatever this car was, he probably wouldn't see another one so he did need his picture with it. He was seriously tickled pink.

Final sunset of the vacation from the Naples Pier. 

Homeward bound tomorrow!!!

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