Monday, November 28, 2011


Along the course of time that I was sitting on the beach looking out as far as my eye could see, I thought about how crazy it was that if you just kept going, you would bump into the shores of Africa. The next afternoon, it donned on me, I wouldn't bump into Africa...we are in the Gulf of Mexico...I'd bump into Mexico. Duh. The sun does things to my brain.

Mom n' Pop

The beach scene

The bro & I
*Sorry so many sunset was so gorgeous and I was trying to capture it at every phase of it's going down.


  1. You captured it quite well! I wish we were there. We were talking about leaving yesterday and heading that way. Then we chickened out. Maybe next year. How is the water? Is is warm enough to swim in? Such fun memories your making!

  2. Nice pictures. The weather was perfect, wasn't it?!! :)

  3. You have some great pictures! Looks like you had fun!


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