Sunday, September 4, 2011

She's a Gypsy Soul...

Sweet memories.
Warning: May cause a good cry & make you think of home.

Sweet morsels.

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Decal for her vehicle...since my brother had leftovers from his truck and thought she might miss him enough to want to stick it on her car...
Wrapped with fun tags so it feels a little bit like Christmas. 

For those of you who don't know Lynni, how sad for you. I love the girl to death. We met 4 years ago on our family blog {}. She was the first person to comment and we were super excited that someone beyond relatives actually read the blog. My sister, Morgan, emailed back and forth for a few months and then I started to also. A redhead from the cornfields of IN connected with the sisters from the cornfields of OH. Years of emailing, facebooking, blogging, and some phone calls. There were times when it would be a month or so since I had heard from her and I'd think, "man, I miss Lynni, it's been forever." Yet, I had never met her. We decided we needed to remedy that, and it HAD to be this summer because she was headed to Oklahoma for college. I dived out on a limb and asked her if she would want to come on our college Bible study group's camping trip. When I say camping, I mean camping. Three days with no shower, tents, bike riding, hiking, tents, pouring rain, supper over the open flame. Girl had never been camping like this before...and to be honest, neither had I. For some crazy reason, she said yes. So she loaded up all of her gear and set out on a 3hr. drive to OH to meet a family for the first time and then go on a three day camping excursion. Sounds absolutely nuts, right? I have friends that think we were nuts...'you met her on the internet, what if she had been some creepy old guy!' You can only keep up appearances as a little old guy pretending to be a country girl from IN so long...and 4 years would be long.  As I was waiting for her to get into our small town and meet me at Ace Hardware so we could eat lunch in town, I was wondering what I had got myself into...what if she didn't end up being like the girl I had emailed for the past 3 1/2 years? She finally gets there and we get out of our cars. Squealing with excitement, we hug.Then we went to lunch and you would have thought we'd known each other for the past 15 years. It was exactly the Lynni I knew in writing...only more fun! Morg & I just clicked with her. We had so much fun camping...that we decided we had to meet up again before the summer's end. So two weeks later, 4th of July weekend, Morgan and I took our first road trip together and headed up to see her and meet her family. We spent the whole day getting a tour of Amish country. We then headed back to home, with her in tow for Sunday and Monday at our house, singing Miranda Lambert's 'Airstream' all the way. For the time being, she is an Okie...but I have high hopes that after school we can turn her into a Darke Co. girl if the west doesn't completely steal her heart. Since she's 14 hours from home, learning to live with 3 other girls, and starting school...we figured a care package would make her smile or cry...or both.    If you don't know her, I would highly recommend her new blog about her western adventures:


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