Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{The Great Darke Co. Fair}--2011

Pee-Wee Showmanship

Mac keepin' an eye on the judge.

Miss Brooke...the champion of the 4 yr old division.

Mime statue dude that is dressed different each day.

hanging out and keeping an eye on our food drive. we filled the bed of Jared's long bed truck with food items for our local food pantry. & yes, if I was sitting down, my boots were off, even if my socks didn't match. =)

Big boys zonked out after a long day of shows.

Our amazing float! I talked more about it and the reason for our theme in this post.


I <3 these folks.

Jae's showmanship.

Rodney Adkins concert. Morgan & I each watched half of the concert. Two 13 year old friends had 3 tickets and needed an adult to go with them...they didn't want it to be one of their parents so they asked if Morgan or I would be interested. We switched half way through because neither of us were huge fans of his but it was fun!

a packed house

The mime statue dude again.

Junior Fair Day

This dumb pig, also known as Zeb, would sit down at every opportunity. It was RIDICULOUS. I had to just about beat him for 5 min. to get him to stand up in his pen...and in the show arena he would hardly walk.

Each year this guy wears a different funky's hilarious.

{my boys}

Otis & I

Jared & Cooter

They really bonded this year.

His last supper

Mere & I

Ike & Morgan. Ike is so funny-think a real life Tow-Mater from Cars.

My amazing 4-H adviser, Mrs. Leis, nearly squeezing me to death...I think it helped her to not cry. =)  She has been an amazing supporter during my three years of showing. She bends over backwards for our club and I am extremely thankful for all of her hard work and dedication.

All sorts of interesting stuff can be found in the Sheep Barn...

Rach, me, and Taycie.

We came in 3rd place overall for our Junior Livestock Judging Team....we were very impressed with our skills. =) Rach actually got 3rd overall individual. I love these gals and I had a blast spending numerous days in a row with them at fair.

This is what happens after we sell the pigs, square dancing moves into the barn.

I think my fair withdraw symptoms are over now...except I've already started counting down for next year.

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