Saturday, September 24, 2011

Farm Science Review--2011

Me & the boy

I <3 this gal.

Jared with his "I am delicious" sticker that was stuck there unbeknownst to him. =)

Amazing/disgusting Australian stick bug.

Brave girl--I can do reptiles over bugs.

Cockroaches. lovely.

CAT's {sweet} pulling truck.

Somehow, over the past year, I have become a fan of  *some* Fords. The King Ranch is a gorgeous truck and has made my fan list.

FSR--The only place you'll find a line to the men's bathroom & where it's cool to carry a bag on the shoulder...because they are from a seed company.

I <3 cows.

Agreed. Amen.

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  1. I agree with you totally about the king ranch. if i were to drive a truck, it'd be that one. and my brother was there and i read him the comment about the men wearing the bags on their shoulders and he goes,"no i did not. i made liz carry mine." lol oh boys.


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