Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The pig barn before it's pressure washing

The empty barn, waiting for people & pigs. The fair countdown is on-9 days.

Mrs. Leis pressure washing.

Enough said.

After the pressure washing-hard to believe this is much better than it had been. =)

Jae & Tyler getting ready to show off their muscles and load the pressure washer.

My sweeping buddy, Wyatt--it's a good thing they've not figured out how to capture smell, because I was super sweaty and covered in dirt/pig manure particles.
Ah, summer.

Sweet Bella

Youth softball tournament.

My awesome friend, Lauran!

Swing batter-batter.

The only fellow I know that plays a good ballgame in boots & jeans...no matter how hot.

Close game but we ended up losing by 1 point. We'll get them next year!

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