Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer So Far

Sadly, planting season ran into June. Jae planted our fields this year.

So I made an apron as a graduation gift for the amazing....

...LYNNI DIEHM! Whom we finally met face-to-face after 4 years worth of blogging, emailing, and phone calls. We spent 3 days on our college Bible study camping better way to bond than sleeping in tents with no showers. =)

Cake I made last week for a 70th birthday.

Between teaching piano lessons, decorating the cake above, and finishing packing for the camping trip I help mom wrangle these cuties for a day. 

Sisters. <3

Miss Mere & I watching tractor pulls.

Jena & Celia

Rach & I

"Friends are born, not made."
Henry B. Adams

Rach & I taught Meredith to braid...she used my head to practice on.

Modified tractors...or something along those lines. =)

Riley + Mere + Izzy

Celia & I

Mac sometimes take awhile to warm up to me, but eventually he sat on my lap with his blanky in hand and sucking on a candy stick trying to see how pointy he could make it. He's a cutie.

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