Friday, May 13, 2011

Introducing Some of The Things I Love

Say hello to the newest piglets on the block. L-R: Cooter my brother's cross-hampshire {watch THIS to understand the meaning behind the name}, Zeb {after Zebulen Walton...from The Waltons}, & Otis {after Otis Spunkmeyer cookies...never ate them but my sister says their are delicious and the name was it stuck}.

You may pick up on a trend if you hang around this blog for long. I have come to {adore} pigs...and so I created these pig silhouettes. Darling, huh?

Something else I adore...these two children eating ice cream on my porch swing...

...and dipping their toes in the water on the pool cover...

Even though they do like to splash. =)

These gals are also pretty darn cute. I teach their older sister piano and the one on the right will start lessons in June!


  1. Those are darling children, and cute pigs too. :)

  2. Those pig silhouettes are so cute! I thought you had bought them at first -- absolutely love them! Inspires me to go and create some silhouettes of my own. Love the photos!

    Have a lovely day!


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