Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Happenings

Treated some of my favorite gals toHOP {& Morgan tagged along} as their Christmas present...we had to wait for a good movie to come out.

I found these lovelies at a Cracker Barrel the other weekend...and so if you would like to buy them and send them to me, that would be awesome. =)

On our way to Family Fun Night for basketball with some of my favorite little people. It was way fun having three extra little ones along.

The boys hanging out in the back.

Jena & I in Forever XXI

Rach & I...it was my first time to this huge outdoor mall about an hour from us called The Greene...it was amazing...minus the part when we got kicked out of the whole place. Who knew their was a curfew for people under 16 if they aren't with adults over 21? Two out of our group of about 8 were 15. We were in the Apple store {and yes, we were behaving ourselves} when three security officers hop off their segways and come in and ask us all for our ID's. Apparently the Apple store people were tired of us being there, thought we all looked too young for the hour of evening {9pm on a Saturday}, and called the security dudes in. At least the security people are on top of everything and closing keeping an eye out. Then we headed to a Wendy's/Tim Horton combo & would you believe it, it was also on Greene property and the curfew still applied. I went to the Tim Horton's side for a hot drink while the rest of the crew ordered, er, tried to order Frosty's. Guess after 9pm you have to be over 16 to order....so it was a really fun, memorable evening.

Finally finished my "topic of interest" paper for my 2011 Market Hog Project Book...for 4-H. I figure since it's my last year I would go above and beyond. You may be able to read it if you click the pictures. I wrote about Pork Products. You wouldn't believe all of the things pig parts make. =)

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