Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Midwest Homeschool Convention 2011

Look close and you'll catch a glimpse of Joseph & Josiah Duggar {more Duggar pictures soon}.

Sweet Friends {hanging out & trying not to appear 'homeschooled' =)}

The HUGE exhibit hall with all of the booths.

Learning to be patient as we waited in line for over an hour.

Jena talking to Shawn McDowell {son of Josh McDowell who wrote 'Don't check your brain at the door'}.

They try to act all macho...

...but we know better. =]

The gorgeous Grand Ballroom in the Duke Energy Center in Cincy {which is where the convention was located}.

Miss Channing and all her adorableness.

Me & the chubby cheeked munchkin.

The packed ballroom...it supposedly held 4,500.

TIM HAWKINS! It was epic {& totally worth standing in line for an hour}.

This was the first time I've ever been to a homeschool convention {hard to believe since I was homeschooled K-12th} & it was AWESOME. I loved it. Hopefully we'll go back next year.
More pictures to come...eventually. =)

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