Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cake & Cake Baker...

A few days ago I was checking my blog feed & I noticed I had gained a new follower. While I really appreciate all of my followers {even though only like 5 out of 37 ever comment =)} I was honored to see that the author of i am baker now follows my blog. If you've not seen her baking blog, you NEED to check it out. She's always posting stuff and giving me brilliant baking ideas that are currently out of my skill level. My most recent attempt from her blog is this rose cake I made for a friends surprise 21st birthday.{Note: It is not ideal to keep sticking your cake and frosting in & out of the should just leave it all out so it can dry completely. I was devastated as we got to the party and some of my giant side flowers fell off. Now I know for future reference.}
Here is i am baker's rose cake.

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  1. Olivia, Papa & Granny {Alyssa's} from Jacksonville, Fl. What a beautiful cake...You are good girl. We look at & enjoy your blog. Have a day !!


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