Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finished Product: Ella's Apron

First I wrote on the apron with a colored pencil and then using embroidery floss I sewed tiny stitches to create her name.

The best part of sewing is finishing the product and seeing the fabric come to life.

I put my label on the band towards the back so it's visible, yet not the main focal point.


  1. That is so lovely~ Beautiful colors- so springy! Love your label... so cute! :) Great job~ I'm sure she will love it!


  2. Just have to say, your profile pic is stunning.

  3. That's excellent, Olivia! How long did it take to make?

  4. On average if I sit down and keep sewing a ruffled apron probably takes about 5 hrs. This one took a little more because I hand stitched Ella...but the finished product is always worth the time. =)

    Thank you Abigail & Lydia. =)


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