Thursday, March 24, 2011

30,295 days on Earth {so far}

356 days x 83 years = 30,295 days old...and that is precisely how old my Grandpa is today. So, in honor of his birthday here are some old pictures & some things I've wrote throughout the past few years about him.

Jared & Grandpa

Grandpa & I as he ushered me in to the annual Valentines dinner Grandma put together.

A summer evening on grandpa's porch. He still wears the same exact thing and still uses that mug. It's like his trademark or something. =) 

     My paternal grandpa, Herman Hayworth Coy, is a man of spunk. It could be 85 degrees out and he would tell me I’d better get my coat out because it looked like snow clouds were rolling in. Other times grandpa would stand on the edge of his porch and ask me if I could remember my way home. I would giggled and tell him yes. This always prompted him to call out,“Walk right in front of the barn and then your house will be down the lane on the right.”  He stands at a mere 5 foot 6 inches, with piercing blue eyes, and white hair that is neatly parted and combed on Sundays. His red or navy suspenders help hold his pants up on his 150lbs.frame. At 82 years of age, his pace has slowed some, but he is determined not to be held back. 

     Grandpa Herman grew up during a difficult time in our country’s history. He’s lived through the Great Depression, World War Two, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and now the current war we are in. When he was fifteen years of age, his father died; he was the youngest of eight children. At age sixteen he quit school and started working full time at the Dayton Daily News to support his mother and himself. When he was twenty-four he went into the Marines and served during The Korean War. He was a Morse-Code operator stationed out in California. When he returned back to Ohio, he resumed his former employment at the Dayton Daily News. He continued to work there for 46 years.

     Whenever I see or smell fresh picked green beans, my brain is automatically transferred to the mornings of summer. Grandpa normally picked his green beans in the cool, early hours of the day and we would often wander over to his house before lunch for a "visit." We would end up sitting on the porch, snapping a huge clothes basket full of beans. The going rate in those days was around $0.05...$1 on rare occasions. Now, I will still find myself on their porch, snapping beans after just wandering over for a visit.

Fun side note- Harry Houdini, the great escape artist was also born on March 24th in 1874

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