Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SURPRISE parties are kinda my thing...

If you've not noticed, I LOVE throwing surprise parties. Previous surprise party for Cassidy & Haley have been blogged about. =) And since both of them had surprise parties, one I hosted + made the cake and the other I just made the cake, Celia was convinced that she was having a surprise party for her 16th and I was going to make the cake. Due to the fact that she still had to hit 15 I thought it would be a better time for her to have a surprise party because she wouldn't suspect a thing. Come on, who has a surprise party for their 15th birthday.

The Cake...2 1/2 bottles of blue food coloring and 1/2 a bottle of green, you end up with this color and people's lips, teeth, and tongues stay stained for quite awhile. I was smart and didn't eat the cake. =)

Cake innards. I was going to do this for the insides but I didn't have to time to make new cakes if it failed to I kept it simple. 

The birthday gal and I. Yeah, she's 4 years younger & a head taller.

These candles are just wicked sweet so I thought you might want to see them too.
The {PARTY} Gang

mr. mac {birthay gal's little bro}

Sweet Ella & I {birthday gal's little sister}
Mac & Ashley
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3

Celia & Ashley
Cassidy + Celia


  1. That looks like fun! Cool cake! Its funny I was just on Resolved2Worship and I saw your comment. Its a small blogging world. haha!

  2. I love the cake! The colors and the inside of it was so neat. Surprise parties are fun. =)

  3. That's so funny, we live about 2 1/2 hours south of Cinncinatti in southern KY! Yeah, I think we're closer than we thought. We're not going to that homeschool convention but it would be so fun to meet each other sometime! I have some friends who are going to the Greenville OH homeschool convention, have you ever gone to that one?
    Its a small world!


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