Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last evening of the Fair Part I-

...And so, before we knew it, the last evening of the Great Darke Co. Fair was upon us...

On the road.

Slowly, we walked, savoring every bit of our final time entering the fairgrounds for 2010.

Oh, yes. Hello delicious Strawberry-Lemon shake-ups that cost me a fortune. At $3.50 each they're a killer on the wallet but worth every sip.

What good is a Demo Derby without snacks? We loaded up on licorice, water, & pop.

L-R: Rachael, Celia, Jena, Me

Typical Justin and Tyler.

My father thinks he is hysterical...and he is...sometimes. =)

'The Derby' & 'The After' coming soon.

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  1. That looks like fun! Your hair is so pretty! I love the headband.


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