Monday, September 27, 2010

Of Summer and Such...

I *finally* was able to get the pictures off of my chipped memory card. Staples told me I could send it away for $100 and get the pictures off. I decided that would be my last resort. The guys in HH Greg had no clue what to do and the Radio Shack fellow said try the Walmart photo machine. Doubting the fact that it would actually work in the Walmart machine I really disappointed the techies couldn't help me out. Nevertheless, I tried the Walmart machine...all my pictures and video from most of the summer are now on a disc and it cost me $3. I was a very happy camper.

Faith Day at the Red's Baseball Game meant a concert from Mercy Me!

Jae and I
Kelly, Morgan, & Holly

This year the Red's did really good and so we were happy to be there during a winning game, despite the 90+ high humidity weather.

We went boating again at the very end of July, & I got to take one of my besties along.
Jared sporting his lifejacket that looks like he borrowed it from 80's Barbie. =)
It was a cloudy, chilly day and we didn't want to get wet so we decided to float around in the tube....
...we had some issues since were in a round tube and had only one ore, but we did make it to shore without having to get off the tube.

More to come...eventually.

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