Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My most recent sewing project. The first ruffled apron took about 7hrs. start to finish, the 2nd took about 5hrs., the 3rd...a mere 4hrs. I am getting faster! I did try to take pictures as I went so I could explain each step so you can recreate it yourself.

Start with 1 yard of fabric for you back and cut out a basic apron shape. All the way around, fold the edges around twice, iron, pin, and sew around making a nice edge.

For the ruffles, you will need 3 or 4 different fabrics, 1/4 yard of each.

Fold over the edges twice of your ruffle fabric, iron down, pin, and sew around.

Make pleats and sew on, starting with your top fabric and moving down.

I match the edge of my back fabric and my ruffle fabric and then pleat them. Pin each pleat as you go. Sew along the top of it, approx. 3/4" from the top. Trial and error assisted me in coming up with this method.

After I sew on all of my ruffles, I pin down the edges of them to the back fabric and then sew approx. 1/4" {from the edge} seam down so they stay in place. Pin the bottom ruffle down first and work your way up.

For the straps and band. I never measure for this, just guess. For the bottom ties I normally use about 4" wide of fabric. That way after you iron in your edges and fold in half it's still wide. I normally do the top ties 3". The band for the middle I make the same as the bottom ties.

The band is a trick to sew on but if you have it all lined up and pinned that will help. Line the top of the band with the top of your first ruffle. Sew that on first about 1/4" from the top and then do the same on the bottom. Sew the straps on very last. I've had an experience where I didn't and one fell down the back of it and was sew to the back and a ruffle.

The finished apron. If you have further questions or need something explained in a better way before you try making one yourself, just leave me a comment. =)



  2. Your tutorial was incredible, Olivia! I would like to make one once I get all my other projects completed! Thanks so much! Now I don't have to figure it out myself. :)


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