Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Great Darke County Fair!


What would my blog be without my annual post pre-fair?

It’s only 10 days away till the official opening…but we get to hit the fairgrounds next Wednesday for my 4-H meeting and barn set up!

Here are the foods that I pretty much always get at least once during the fair:

-Strawberry lemon shake-ups.
-Apple dumplin's from the stand across from the hog barn.
-Kettle corn.
-BBQ pulled pork sandwiches...w/ extra BBQ sauce.
-Sweet tea slushies.
-Melon bowls...something refreshingly healthy after all of the junk.
-Cider slushies.
-$1 hot dogs from the church stand.
-Fiske fries...best when covered in salt (and for some, vinegar).

-And I do have to add Apple Fritters from the same stand that we get apple dumpin’s from. They were such troopers being open by 6:30am so we could grab breakfast early.

Does your county have a fair? Is it big or little? Do you go?

*I was going to update this with pictures from the last couple of weeks but when I went to pop my memory card from my camera in the laptop, there is a chipped off piece of plastic that will not let the memory card work…so I am working on finding someone/place that can safely put all of my pictures and videos on a disc. My camera had pictures from June on it and I don’t want to lose nearly 2 mo. worth of pictures. =/ *


  1. We can't wait till the fair. Let us know when you show and we will try to swing by!

  2. Sounds like fun! Thanks for the advice, so everybody has said the pink one... which I'm beginning to think I like better.

    btw, I didn't realize that we had the same background! Sorry... I wouldn't have chosen it if I knew that you already had it!

  3. Lori-I'll post a note or put it on my FB status as we find out our classes. We normally don't know till the night before.

    Mia-I didn't even notice we had matching backgrounds...I was too busy looking at your awesome header. =)

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