Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fair 2010 {Showmanship 8.22.10}


Showmanship: –noun: the skill or ability of a showman.


You ALWAYS want to make sure you turn around and get your pen latched.  FairDay1-3

Showmanship is, for sure, not my favorite day of show. It’s done by age level and so I am showing with those who’ve been doing it for 8yrs. or so. You have to keep your eye on the judge, watch your pig, & present your project.


Miss Shelby Anderson came in 2nd for showmanship…very surprised she didn’t get 1st {it was close}. She’s one gal that knows what she is doing.

FairDay1-8The judge.

FairDay1-4Jared told me that I needed to squat down in the pen, not sure what the purpose of it is but all the good showman do it. 


Another really good showman from our club, Tyler King. His family also got 3rd place for most helpful family in the barn. The Kings are always there to lend a hand with whatever. FairDay1-7This judge asked the older age divisions questions about the meat. I got asked where the hams were located, the number of hams, where the loin was, how many loins there were, and where the bacon comes from. I ended up with 7th place out of 16 people. I was pretty happy.

Pork question….without looking it up, where does the bacon come from?

More pictures tomorrow.


  1. I didn't even see this question. The shoulders??

  2. That's okay Abigail...apparently no one saw it. =)

    The answer is actually the belly, most commonly. You can also get bacon from the jowl {the flabby part under the chin} but that's not as common because it's more fatty.


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