Monday, July 12, 2010

SuMmEr SuNdAy

Yesterday we took the boat out to Brookeville Lake in Indiana!

100_0866 Dad, our official Captain.

100_0879   Mom tubing and actually enjoying it!


This winter we were always using the knee board in the snow {pulling it behind the 4-wheeler} so Jared decided actually to try it in the water. After a few unsuccessful runs he finally got the hang of it.


We rushed home, cleaned up, and headed back out the door for my 4-H meeting.


Two of our adorable future 4-Her’s


Mr. Ty Stikeleather speaking on showmanship. At our county fair alone he was grand champion 7 years out of 10. I took lots of notes.

100_0911 Celia & Sydney

100_0904    Recreation in the form of flicker football after the meeting.

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  1. Your bathing suit is really cute! I like the pattern a lot. I've never been water skiing before, is it hard? It looks like fun!
    I hope you having a great summer!


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