Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Darling Porkchops….


Clark is the pure white one and he is what is called a purebred Yorkshire. Lewis is the one with the markings on his backside and is known as a crossbreed or more commonly, blue butt. Both of pretty calm and very curious. They are getting used to me pretty quickly and let me scratch their bellies and backs. Clark tends to shake his head no when he gets nervous, but that’s something he seems to be growing out of as he gets older. Right now they are approx. 70 lbs. I would ideally like to get them up to 260lbs. For our county fair the pigs have to weigh between 220-285 to qualify for showing. There are several ethical methods to help your pig gain weight quickly or lose weight quickly. A pig could put on 50lbs. of pure water weight in one day and they can also lose about 30lbs. a day by putting them on a diet and walking them when it is warm out. Hopefully, we won’t have any major weight gain issues this year.


  1. Hi Olivia-
    I was just going through my old comments and saw yours that you left about the audrey hepburn shirt. It's a skirt and shirt~ Sorry about that ; D

    Cute Pigs!!


  2. I keep coming back to this cute picture of your pigs. They are just adorable!


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