Friday, January 1, 2010

Missing: A Decade...

...That seems to have just started yesterday. How in the world can it already be 2010??? Here is a summary of my life over those past 10 years.

2000: I was 8. We had just spent the whole previous year preparing for the possibility of Y2K. Many didn't really think anything was going to happen, but just to be safe, mom stocked up on pretty much everything. We had dry milk {I think if it really happened we would have just bought a cow}, toilet paper, and shampoo to last us years to come. Clothing was bought several sizes to big so we'd be ready. December 31st, 1999 mom said that if Y2K happened the next morning, that we'd be prepared and if it didn't then we'd get pancakes. Folks, as you can guess, we got pancakes.

2001: The biggest thing in this year I believe was September 11th. I was 9. We were on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN at the time and I vividly remember that day, as does everyone else. We were just waking up. Mom was watching the news and I hear her holler "Duane come in here, quick." I hop out of bed {because something was obviously going on} and run to their room and watched as the 2nd tower went down. I didn't really realize what was going on that day, all I knew was that we had to stay inside all day because mom and dad wanted to watch the news, talk about boring. They were talking about putting limits on the amount of gas people could get, so we had relatives in KY stocking up gas for us in case we needed it to make it home. My childhood was finished with this country in war.

2002: The year I turned 10. I really don't remember much from this year. I think I was infatuated with purple and my summer was carefree. I took acrobats and piano lessons.

2003: The year I turned 11 and got expensive teeth. Orthodontist visits became a regular part of my life for the next 3 years. I had head gear to sleep in.

2004: I was 12. I spent a week at summer church camp with Jae and didn't want to come home because I had so much fun. I was still taking acrobats and piano. If we went on vacation, I don't remember it.

2005: The year I became an 'official' teenage. Morgan got her permit. I was in 7th grade and life was grand.

2006: I turned 14 and I began ballet, along with acrobats. We signed up for our counties new homeschool co-op and met alot of new people. Morgan, Jared, & I did not want to go. There were only 3 classes: Art, Sign Language, & Astronomy. We were sure that it was going to be a bunch of dorky homeschoolers and we were going to hate it. We ended up having a lot of fun and looking forward to it every week. We met some amazing friends this year at the fair, started going to their youth group, and met another huge passel of amazing people. Morgan had her license and my social life really took off. I started working on coming out of my step at a time.

2007: I was 15 and highschool life as I know it had begun. I got my permit and spent countless hours {52 to be exact} driving around with dad. Our cousin Hannah came up and stayed for 1 week by herself, and then her family came up for another week. My social life continued to grow and I was still taking ballet but acrobats ceased. I started back with piano lessons with a new, amazing teacher.

2008: I decided to give violin another try {my first was 3 wks. of lessons when I was 8}. I started in September with a wonderful violinist as my instructor. I got my license in June but didn't drive till September....and I didn't care. Jared started showing pigs {Jim Bob & John Boy} and life was fantastic. I had freedom yet I still could maintain my young carefree summer days. Fair was fabulous that year. Jae and I started participating in a homeschool running club {track & cross country combined}.

2009: I turned 17 finished my Junior year and began my senior one. I broke out of my shell and have gotten fairly outgoing. My friends like to joke about how much I've changed and will actually play volleyball, basketball, touch football, etc. I really branched out when I decided to show pigs. I left Joyful Jets 4-H club behind and started in Top Notch 4-H club. Proving that I can whack a pig and shovel manure came as quite a surprise to many. I spent half my summer cleaning their pen and fetching feed. Noticed that I said that my violin teacher was a wonderful violinist but not a very good teacher. She was really awkward and I really wasn't enjoying I quite in February. I have met so many new people in 2009 and have added to my list of friends!

2010: I guess you'll just have to wait 365 days for this one.


  1. This is a neat idea! It was very fun and interesting to read! Happy New Year!

  2. Hey, would mind if I borrowed the idea? I might not end up doing it if I can't think of much. ;) But would you care?

  3. I'm pretty sure we're still eating oats bought for y2k!

  4. Great post!!! LOL!!! Yeah, we stocked up on lanterns, hand crank flashlights etc. for Y2K(i can't remember if we got a lot of food or not)!
    Anyway, I hope that you had a good New Years! =)


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