Sunday, October 18, 2009


Colton {Cass's brother}, Chase {Rach & Jen's brother}, and Jae.

Opening presents!

The boys made there own fun instead of dancing with us girls. The came waltzing down the steps during Taylor Swift's Love Story...wait till you see the rest of their outfits.

They got creative and dug in Jared's closet...

Shin-guards, checked slippers, 3-D glass, newsboy cap and coonskin cap were just some pieces of their eclectic ensembles.

Cass & Jena

Rachael & Katy

Me getting caught in this weird trick I was trying to figure out. A wonderful ending to an amazing night. I got to bed at 1am...but it was definitely worth it!

Up next...the pictures of the cake!

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