Wednesday, September 2, 2009


On dad's side I have five cousins. Taylor & Shelbe Coy and Spencer, Zachary, & Hannah Greenawalt. Many memories abound from the lives of these five people. Some times we were in discord and others we were having just plain old fun. The Greenawalts' have lived in many a places throughout the years. Twice a year they would always come up and stay with my grandparents next door. One to two weeks in the summer and the same at Christmastide.


In the winter the four girl cousins would spend our afternoons at grandma's playing dress up and library. Being the whinny child that life was unfair for I always managed to get the ugliest dress while darling little Hannah got first pick. The fitted vintage sundress, matching too large heels, a purse, and the hideous coveted grey wig was her ensemble of choice. I almost always got the be the librarian...sounds grand right? The library comers {Shelbe, Morgan, & Hannah} could "check out" as many books as they pleased. After reading their monster piles of borrowed books. The over sized dress wearing librarian would get to place all of the mounds of books back on the shelves. Ah, good times.


  1. I seriously laughed out loud at this one. LOVE.

  2. Loved that post!=) Makes me think about my cousins who I'll be seeing this weekend.=^)

  3. Sounds like my cousins and me! Although my younger sister always was the one that got the "leftovers"! I loved the post!

  4. i love this!! with me and my(11) cousins it was playing school on my grandparents stairs. we'd all have our own stair and at the bottom was a BIG chalkboard!!! that was SO fun!! =)


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