Friday, August 28, 2009

So Long Fair

The Great Darke County Fair is drawing to a close. Tomorrow night we'll finish it out with a demolition derby. Tonight is the rodeo with some good looking cowboys who can't stay on their bulls. Despite that friends got 40 tickets for people so we will be sitting with a massive group of friends to liven the evening up. Jared and I have been dog tired. 6 days straight of going to be after midnight and getting up in the 6 o'clock hour. I had so much fun showing for my first year. I have 2 more years left that I'm able to show and be in 4-H. Morgan took tons and tons of pictures so maybe one of these days she'll get them all editted between her multiple senior photoshoots. One of my favorite things during the week is sitting on the tack box and playing cards with a bunch of girls ranging from 5-13. We all smoosh around and get a rousing game of spoons going...or bottle caps in our case. Thus far, I've partaked of: apple dumplings, strawberry lemon shake ups, cider slushies.

*walks away and tried not to think of the calories involved*



  2. We went to the fair today! Me and my 3 girls and a friend and her 3 kids! They loved it! They were so excited about going and they didn't really even know what it was as they'd never been there. They were up at 7, dressed by 7:30 and we weren't leaving till 10!
    It had been 21 years since I had been to the fair. we had fun and now I know how much money to save up for next year. EXPENSIVE!!
    Wish I'd have seen you there.



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