Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Swine and the Like

Boy oh boy! It sure was a warm one around here today. It hit right at 90 today…which is fairly normal in August around here. Strange thing is that it’s the hottest it’s been since about June.

Being Saturday dad and Jared almost always have an errand or two to run in G-ville. Lowes, Wal-Mart,and Tractor Supply are the normal stops. I got up and ventured along with them {I do this if I know there is a chance of getting Taco Bell}. We made multiple stops, and then ended up stopping by Morgan’s work to see if she wanted to grab lunch with us She was just getting off. We ended up at Micky D’s since Morgan doesn’t like Taco Bell, Jared doesn’t like Arby’s or Burger King, and I don’t like Wendy’s. Yeah, we’re a particular bunch. Then we got home and mom and I headed out in the opposite direction where we hit Lowes, Tractor Supply, and Wal-mart for the second time today. Dad and Jared went and picked up the livestock scale from our 4-H advisors and Morgan took a nap. All meeting back at base later we had a lovely summer supper on the porch.

After supper dad, Jared, I headed out yonder to the barn to muck the swine suites. What a treat indeed! It actually was the fasted we’ve done it. Then we walked them all for the first time due to the fact that we couldn’t have them losing weight {which happens when you walk them}. We decided to weigh them after we walked them, hoping they would be a bit more docile. We skipped weighing my Yorkshire {last time he was the only one we got weighed}. Yorkshires are known for being nosy, high strung, and they jump. Last time Wylie nearly jumped out of the scale. We also skipped Jared’s Berkshire, Berkston, due to the fact that he’s the biggest and we aren’t worried about making sure he makes weight. Jared and I both have Hampshires, his is Hampston {notice his creativity} and mine is Wilby. We weighed both of them and they are right about at 200lbs. We plan on giving them cake mixes and eggs this week which. This will cause them beef up some more and also make them want to eat all of their feed because it’ll be sweeter. The night before weigh in {August 21} we plan on giving them this stuff that our feed guy recommended we use. It takes all of the water from their stomachs’ and packs it on top of their muscles. Then, it makes them thirsty and they drink more water which fills up their stomachs. That should cause them to gain approximately 20 lbs. Maybe sometime soon I’ll post some pictures of us walking them.


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