Monday, August 3, 2009

Miss Annie Oakley Shooting Contest

Steps according to Jared:
1. Take gun from emotionless pump guy in left hand. 2. Place right hand and make sure trigger finger stays away from the trigger. 3. Breathe in and place gun in crook of shoulder pulling the left elbow under and then right one out. 4. Bring it down and exhale. 5. Hold breath, aim, & fire.

Some of the contestants and spectators. I didn't know it at the time but 1st runner up is to the left of me and the costume winner/2nd runner up is to my right.

My friend, Haley, shooting.

Me again, "shoosting," as Lisa Douglas from Greene Acres said.

Two weeks ago I was in a shooting contest, along with my friend Haley. Living in the county where Annie Oakley was originally from warrants a shooting competition. We used a BB gun and you shoot at a balloon. Each contestant starts at 25 ft. and then you move back 5 ft. after each shot you make. You get two shots at each distance. I always hit it on my first shot except for when I missed both at 60 ft. I knew that if I missed one that I would miss the second because I would get flustered. I also didn't judge my aiming correctly. When using the BB gun, the further you go back, the higher you have to aim to compensate for the dropping of the BB. Jared wants to get me all practiced up so I can win next year. I plan on actually listening to him and heeding his advice but I don't know if I really want to be Miss Annie Oakley. She has to be in 25-30 parades throughout the I told him I think I'll aim for first runner up. Each contestant has to have either a western or historical costume. No pants or jeans were allowed. I hit the Salvation Army on half price day and got my skirt and vest. I borrowed the blouse from mom and the boots I got at another festival for $10. All of the contestants were welcome to be in the Annie Oakley parade bright and early Saturday morning. It was rather wet do to a down pour of rain!


  1. That is sweet! I'm rather jealous.

  2. Wow, that's great! I'll admit that I do enjoy (safely) shooting guns.

  3. Cool! We totally forgot about Annie Oakley days this year:(
    Hope you win next year!


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