Friday, July 17, 2009

Firecracker 5K

  5k15k2My running partner. Yeah, she’s 5 and fast.

5k3 R to L: Haley, Chloe, Celia, & Jena

5k4Taycie & Ella

5k6    Mrs. Klipstine & mom, who walked and jogged!

5k7On your mark…

5k8 Celia giving it her all at the end.

5k9Front to back: Jena, Isabelle, Ellie, Rylie, & Haleigh

5k10Meredith was not very happy that I made her keep running….then she saw her parents and heard people cheering for her…she kicked it up a notch and finished strong. Notice me coming in behind her.

5k11The funny thing about this picture is that Morgan didn’t see me coming in behind Mere…so she missed my coming in…so she had me run in again.


5k13 I’m sure Chase is encouraging Haleigh to run to the finish line because she’s so close…or maybe not. 

5k14 An in-depth convo between Chase and Elliott…I’m guessing it had to do with guns{or shooting something}.

5k15 Rachael with her eyes on the finish line.


Justin, who didn’t really sweat this much…he felt like he didn’t look like her ran hard enough so he poured his cup of water on himself so he appeared as though he sweated.

5k17 DashChance, whom I like to call Dash. Don’t you see a resemblance? 

5k18Jared skipping in…okay, so not really.

5k19Clair {in the grey} running like a champ.

5k20 Coach Klipstine, who really did sweat that much and didn’t dump his water on himself.

5k21After the race they had watermelon for the runners….I’m pretty sure Jena ate enough to equal a whole watermelon….

5k22I just had enough to wet my whistle and get a picture.

These are all posted on our family blog, but I thought I’d post them here too and add my own captions.


  1. Loved the pics and the captions!

  2. I enjoyed these pics a couple days ago when you first posted them!
    I'm going to have to make pizza again!! I've got fresh rosmary out there too, and now I've gotta try that!!!!
    Thanks for the tip,

  3. I saw your post on the Eden string quartet site about the wedding you will be attending of someone that are 40 and 42 and never been married. That's great how they waited until the right person. Can you tell more about the story? Where they met, etc??

  4. Anonymous,
    The couple from our church have an amazing love story. The guy was completely satisfied waiting on God for as long as it took for Him to bring the right woman into his life. The woman had started having a mentality where she didn't think she had time for a guy and wasn't really interested. Through our pastor and some friends they met at a new year's eve party. The rest is history.


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