Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fine Swine....

Here are a few pictures from the June meeting for Top Notch 4-H club. We had our meeting in the swine barn at the fairground because we were changing the names on the buyer boards. Great fun, I tell ya. Last Monday Jared and I went and helped clean up the barn so that our head 4-H advisers could repaint the balconies {where people sit and our tack boxes are kept}. We swept the whole barn, flaked paint off, screwed new boards at the base of the show arena, hauled tarps, etc. We were tired when finished but glad we could assist. Last week dad and Jared weighed our pigs only to find out that 3 of them were on the light side. We had 2 at 135, 1 at 145, and 1 and 200 {which we aren't concerned about}. We went to the grain elevator where we buy feed and asked pig expert, Matt, what we could do to help them gain weight. This past week they have been given about 10 lbs. of feed per day per pig. Plus, a supplement called paleine {sp?}, powdered fat, and dewormer. This morning I fed them and gave the 3 smaller ones 3 scoops of feed, 1 of fat, 2 of oats, and 1 of paleine. They get about that much 2 to 3 times a day. Yesterday Jared and I weighed them again and after a week and heavy feedings they are around 167, 175, & 175. That's about 30 lbs. in one week...we were pretty happy. To be able to show they have to make weight {be between 220-280lbs.} by Aug. 22. The weight they gained this past week is fabulous and we should make weight. So many different things you can give them to pack on the pounds. Another thing we can do is give them this electrolight stuff that causes them to drink tons of water and it goes to their muscles then they drink more water and it adds pounds. If your pig needs to lose 10-15 lbs. you can walk them in the heat of the afternoon with a sweatband around their neck or load them into a trailor drive them around for a little bit and unload them. The stress of all that causes them to drop the pounds. Now you know a little something about pigs!
Lucas, Darren, & Clayton
Celia & Jenna
Addie, Mitch, & Jae working on their assigned boards.
The barn as a whole.
The board I worked on with Izzy.
3 of my favorite munchkins. Isabelle, Meredith, & Ella


  1. Thanks for the insightful pig info - I learn something new each day.


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