Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pride & Prejudice

P&P Cast

The whole motley crew,er…I mean the cast of the Pride & Prejudice play!

Bingley & Party

Mr. Bingley {Jared}, Caroline Bingley {Celia}, Mr. Darcy {Lucas}

Mr. & Mrs. Collins

Mr. Collins {Josh}, Mrs. Charlotte Lucas Collins {Yours Truly}

Militia Men

The Militia Men & Woman. Mr. Wickham {Adam"} is the one without a hat.

Bennett Sisters

   The Bennett Sisters.  Front Left moving clockwise: Jane {Hannah}, Elizabeth {Elizabeth}, Mary {Haley, who was also our Lady Catherine De Bourgh}, Kitty {Cassidy}, and Lydia {Tacy}Directors

  Our Directors: Mrs. Jenkins & Mrs. Miller!

I’m sure I’ll have more pictures coming soon!


  1. Ya'll did really good! Awesome play!

  2. Looks so fun! I would have enjoyed seeing that!

  3. I heard that the play was great!!!!
    It's was so super neat meeting you guys......finally!!!

  4. Oh looks so fun! The costumes and hairstyles look great!


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