Monday, April 20, 2009



Cassidy, Me, Haley, & Celia

{it took a long time to get this with all of our heads in the picture}

CeliaLivHaleyCelia, Me, & Haley {we didn’t exclude Cass…she was taking the picture}


Me {Wiv} & Mac {Buckwheat}

Note: I do have a grey tank top on, the lighting has caused it to be nearly impossible to see.

We went to Celia’s house on Saturday night to hang out. We took more pictures but they weren’t very flattering so you only get to see 3. =D We played knockout in the barn, talked, took random pictures, & played hide and go seek in the dark back in the woods. I played one round of hide and go seek but then I decided to just sit on the trailer with the littler girls since they were kinda noisy when hiding. We had fun though.


  1. I was totally worried that you weren't wearing a tank top. Thanks for the foot note. :D

    Cute pics.

  2. Cute pics! LOL! i have that same exact shirt! :)


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