Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mr. Mac….or Buckwheat {as he calls himself}

Isn’t he just the yummiest???? I could just eat him up! This is him smiling and posing for Morgan.

MacTonight we had a basketball banquet and I went out with the “little peoples” to make sure all was well at the swings. I was pushing this darlin’ boy, Mac, when Cass asked him who he wanted to marry; her or me. I was sure he was going to say “Caddidy” but his reply was “Wivie.” If that doesn’t make the rest of a girls week I don’t know what would. He did name a puppy after Cassidy though. 


Celia {Mac’s sister} is in the front and Cass is behind her. Swine Barn ‘o8.

Luv, Liv


  1. AW!!! maybe next time!! =(


  2. How adorable! Celia looks so much older now than she did last year. :)

  3. That's just soooo cute!!

    Thanks for the comment you left btw. No, I've not got a drop of American blood in me as far as I know! I'm 100% British and 95% Welsh =)

    But wow that means you're just the tiniest part Welsh too! That's cool!

    Looking forward to your P&P post!

  4. Great pics! So cute! Looking forward to hearing more about your meeting Casting Crowns! E-mail me sometime soon, I haven't heard from you in awhile.


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