Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hopefully Coming Soon

Well, I’ve gotten comments saying people wanted to hear about Mom’s Pampered Chef Part, the Casting Crowns concert, and Jared and I’s Pride and Prejudice play.

For starters. The Pampered Chef party was pretty fun….I didn’t watch the whole show and Morgan was at choir practice…hence, no pictures. Leah, Emily, Cass, and I were the only “young people” and we went to Morg and I’s room to chat. We of course made it downstairs just in time for the food to be served. Banana Split Brownies and a Strawberry Trifle. Yum. Everyone left right around 9pm except for Cass, her mom, and Mrs. K. They were all here until midnight and Cass and I were getting super slap happy while talking about stuff we did together when we were little.

I’ll try to post about the Casting Crowns concert on Thursday {if there are pictures on the down stairs computer}. I really wanted to have pictures of my dress, Jae’s outfit, and my bonnet to go with the post….so you  might have to wait until next week….or even after the play!


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  1. Yeah for Pampered Chef food! My older sister hosted a party here last year and it was SO GOOD.


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