Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Notice: I'm a day ahead of when I said I'd post these....nothing short of a miracle.

A couple of Fridays ago Morgan, Kellie, and I got to go to and awesome Casting Crowns concert 30 min. from our house. I've never prayed for God to save tickets for us before, but He did! I kept praying that the three third row tickets would not be sold and I watched the surrounding rows fill up and those three remained! It was well worth the ticket price....and it was my first realy concert! The whole band was really humble, which was really cool. You should be able to click the pictures to make them bigger.


  1. how did you get these pictures on here? they're on my hard drive!

  2. Wow, so awesome Olivia! What an experience!

  3. Hey Olivia!

    I loved your suggestion of me bubble-wrapping myself! I'll have to try that next time... : )

    That is SO cool that you got to see Casting Crowns!!! I love them!

  4. Awesome pics! I love Casting Crowns! =) Thanks for posting!

  5. How cool! I love Casting Crowns music-It would be awesome to see them in person. :)



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