Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thelma Lou, How Dare You

Thelma Lou1So last night at youth group Thelma Lou made us have patience getting home. She decided to make her door on the passenger side not close.  We called mom and asked if dad was there to see what we should do, he happened to be out feeding the critters {we refer to our pets as the critters…my dad doesn’t go feed wind animals in the dead of winter… for those of you who were wondering}. We went back inside and ask our youth pastor if we could hang out at the church until either dad could fix it over the phone or come pick us up. While we waited for dad to call, we went out to the car with the youth pastor, Jared {he’s the ‘we’ I keep mentioning}, and a pair of brothers. They tried everything to see if they could get the little latch unstuck. No luck. Dad calls back, tells Jared what to do {push in the handle, like you were opening the door}, and  of course it worked since our dad is like the best mechanic in the world, the country, a tri-state area. Okay, so maybe I ‘m still exaggerating a little bit, but he’s pretty awesome. And being a mechanics daughter does have it’s perks….24/7 roadside assistants and tech support!!! The picture above is of Thelma buried {on the right} in snow last week. She has since then been brushed/scraped off and driven  many times.

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  1. I hate when that happens! It's happened a few times with our suburban. And I always forget how to fix it.


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