Friday, February 13, 2009

Piglets & Such


Yesterday Jared and I got invited to our friends and head 4-H leader’s swine farm. Mrs. L cares for and loves 5,000 baby pigs. I forget how old the pigs are when she gets them but they weigh, I think, about 8-15 pounds. They are about 65-75 pounds when they leave her barns. There are 4 to 5 stages in a meat pigs life.

1st: They are born at a farrow barn.

2nd: They head to a farm like Mrs. L’s where they stay for approx. 3 months.

3rd: I think they will go to one more farm and finish growing and being plumped up.

4th: Off to the packers to be slaughtered butchered harvested.

The Work:

In the L family barn there are 4 rooms with 40 pens. 10 pens in 4 rows. The rooms are kept right around 83 degrees with a very slight bit of moisture. The pigs need to air to be very dry. About 40 piglets would come down the hall way {kept at approx. 40 degrees} and we would shoo them into the room using old bleach jugs with bb’s in them to make noise and keep them moving. They were placed in pens 4, 8, 9, & 10. Once all of the pigs were in a pen then we sorted them. You had large, medium, and small. We would first take out the largest and put them in the aisle way, then put them in the end pens # 1 and 10. Then we would take out the smallest pigs and put them in the aisle then usher them into pens. When you pick them up you take a back leg so they are upside-down. I didn’t want to do it that way so I picked them up like from behind the front legs, around the waste. You would have to quickly check to see if anything was wrong with the hooves or if any of the males looked like they had been castrated that day {blood is what we were looking for}. Those along with any other sickly pigs were placed in pens B & C 5. They had 2 blind ones yesterday, the poor dears. They only got 1,358 yesterday and will get more in next Thursday. The pigs were absolutely adorable but very noisy!

The Stench:

Um, well, we smelled a little bit when we were finished. Actually, I don’t think you could even smell the sweat on us because of the swine scent. And my sweat really stinks. Mom’s washed our clothes for the 3 time now I think. She has rugs stuffed under the laundry room door so the scent doesn’t escape { my mom just said that the stuff still stinks and so does the washer. hoorah}. Here is the list of shampoo I used…and you can still smell it in my hair.

2 times scrubbed with strawberry shampoo

1 time with coconut lemon verbena shampoo

1 time with this one called Miracle Two soap

White vinegar poured over my hair

Straightening Conditioner

Rose water dumped over my hair


I still stink!

I used every kind of body wash in our shower along with the white vinegar on my body too. Lots of body spray. Jared’s friend Caleb went and helped them last week and said that the piggy particles stay in your lungs for a few days. Yum. Very thankful for my super stuffy nose. Off to a basketball game!

Luv, Liv

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  1. Ha-ha! You poor dear. I feel for you, really I do.


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