Monday, January 12, 2009


Who: You, your friends, family, anyone who believes in this Cause….being a voice for the voiceless…the more the better.

What: You don’t need to bring anything with you, other than a piece of tape that will cover your mouth. The tape is essential. We want this to remain a “peaceful and silent” day of prayer. We are asking that you DO NOT bring any type of home made or printed signs with you. This is not about causing a ruckus. This is about coming together as one large body, uniting in prayer for our nation. I know that some people have wondered what if people come up to them and ask them what they are doing, here is the response….definitely pull the tape off and share with them why you are out there. You are being a voice for the voiceless and express how we believe that every life that is conceived was and is intended for a purpose and destiny. We don’t want to get into arguments with anybody or start up some huge political debate. We want to walk this entire day out in love. As far as what you will actually be praying about, you can review all of the different prayer focuses that are posted under the 40 day fast page. The main one being the “Freedom of Choice Act.” We really want to pray against this Act being passed and also pray that God will give America a heart for the unborn and repent on behalf of our nation for all of the lives that we have already ended prematurely.

Where: You can pray anywhere that you would like, however, if you are really wanting to get out and stand up for this particular cause, we are recommending a few locations: outside of your city or state court house, outside of schools (before and after the school day) and at churches.
When: Anytime on January 22, 2009. We want to leave this day completely open so that everyone who wants to be able to participate will definitely be able to. However, we are requesting that no matter where you are between the hours of 12 and 2PM (Eastern time) we will ALL join in prayer at the same time, regardless of where our current location is. We personally believe that there is great strength in numbers and with millions of hearts in unity at the same time, we believe that our prayers will be heard.

Why: We personally believe that we can not continue to walk out everyday pretending that abortion in our country is not a big issue. We believe that it is our right and our duty to stand up for what we believe in; and that is LIFE. If we don’t stand up for it, who else is going to do it?


  1. this subject just leaves me cold. you can kill a child, but if you kill our national bird, the bald eagle watch out....that is a crime.
    these unborn children don't have a voice.

    we'll be in the store together hit & miss. possibly thursday at our shift change 2:00 pm.

  2. I tagged you, check my blog for details.

  3. did you realize that's Barlow girl in the picture???


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