Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Great Man Once Said…


I read this biography on Theodore Roosevelt the other day, while I was at dad’s shop for 3 hrs. It was for my writing class and I’ve found quite a few interesting things in it. Here is something on the subject of humility.

Before going to bed each night President Roosevelt and his friend, William Beebe would go outside and stare up at the stars. Together they would say, “That is the Spiral Galaxy of Andromeda. It is as large as our Milky Way. It is one of a hundred million galaxies. It consists of one hundred billion suns, each larger than our own sun.” They would pause and look at one another and then continue, “Now I think we are small enough. Let’s go to bed.”     

From the book ‘Carry A Big Stick’ by George Grant.

Luv, Liv

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