Monday, December 8, 2008

~Pride & Prejudice~

This past fall at our homeschool co-op I was in a Pride and Prejudice book study. I really did not enjoy reading the book but I do like the 2005 movie version. Our class has decided to put on a play of it including costumes and dancing. I, along with another girl, both auditioned for the part of Jane. She is Jane so I had to pick one of the characters that weren't chosen. Lady De Bourgh, Charlotte Lucas, and Mary Bennett were left. The ladies we auditioned in front of said that I was a bit, how should I say it, overly confident. Not cocky but too much character. They want Jane to be a bit more quite and reserved. They voted that I be Lady De Bourgh. I said if they thought that I could do the part justice that I would do it. Then I remembered that Lady De Bourgh wouldn't get to dance because she's not at any balls. So, our 'director', said I could also be Charlotte Lucas. She gets to dance. At this point in time our Charlotte has no lines and Lady De Bourgh has one long line. They plan on adding more to those and many other parts. We even have guys for our play, but I think that all but one girl is taller than the guy she's paired with...that's Jared and the girl playing Jane. Jared is Mr. Bingly. He's never read the book or watched the movie other than the 45min. I made him watch of it today!!! It should be fun. Jared and I both are on costume duty. Jared gets to make should be fun(ny). We start weekly practices in January and plan the performance for sometime in March or April. Below are the descriptions of my characters.
Charlotte Lucas - The clever and astute daughter of the Bennets' neighbours, Sir William and Lady Lucas. Still unmarried at the age of twenty-seven, she engineers her marriage to Mr. Collins. She is Elizabeth's best friend until Elizabeth loses respect for her when she accepts Mr. Collins' offer of marriage.
Lady Catherine De Bourgh - Darcy's widowed aunt, mistress of Rosings Park in Kent and Mr. Collins' patroness. She is arrogant about her social rank, but takes a controlling interest in the personal affairs of those beneath her, particularly the Collinses.


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Anna and I are going to be in a play of Pilgrim's Progress in the spring with the history class we're in.

  2. Yay! That is too much fun! They let you pick your parts? That's pretty much amazing. I love your characters. You have the power to make Lady De Bourgh more than amazing. Keep us updated!

  3. super neat!you will be great! ttyl Maddie

  4. we need to get you a shweet grey beehive wig for Lady DeBourgh!!! awww!!!!


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