Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Almost First Date...

Today I, Olivia Coy, nearly had my first date. Thelma Lou, a red car, me, and our insurance company all almost had a Christmas Eve date. I ran to this little grocery store about 7 min. away to get some stuff for mom. It was like a madhouse in there and the parking lot was packed to its little capacity. I started to back out and cut my wheel a bit sharp and nearly scraped the side of the red, parked car. I pulled back into my parking spot and jumped out to check the other car. Thank the Lord, nothing was scratched or banged up. Then, I check my car. It too was a okay. So I hopped in and carefully pulled out again while breathing a sigh of relief. Talk about a Christmas miracle.

Yours Faithfully,


  1. WOW! at least you jumped out to check most people would have just left it! I would feel safe if more people cared! AHHHHHHHHH to bad! :/ lol


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