Thursday, November 20, 2008

*Our Winter Wonderland*

Yes, we have gotten some snow over the past couple of days. It always melts quickly so we've not had enough to play in or anything. This afternoon we've gotten about 1/2 in. but I'm sure it will be melted by tomorrow.

There is a horse in the barn who sulks all winter...he's a dork.
Snowball on my window sill makes me happy... or is it Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy???
Over the river and through the woods...


  1. Ahhh, those are absolutely beautiful! It looks delightful!

  2. That's pretty much what it looks like around here. I'm excited for Winter!

  3. That makes me so mad... I WANT SNOW!!!!!

    If it's gotta be cold, we at least need snow so it looks halfway decent... not all drab and yuck.

    Oh well, the weatherman never consults me... so what can I do??

  4. Hey we are planing on getting snow Monday 22 and 30% chance of it YEA IT"S ABOUT TIME!!!! MADDIE!


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