Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last Thoughts From A Porker...

Gaze deeply into his eyes. Do you think he knew that he was leaving the farm and never to come back again? Was he staring into the wild blue yonder as he pondered his next destination? Well, I don't know much about the mind of the pig but I'm sure he didn't figure on being pork chops 10 days after his photo shoot. Actually, the pork chops are very well marinated, but I don't like the bacon. I think it's because we have eaten turkey bacon for years and so I've got to get use to it again. It has yet to bother me when I'm eating John Boy, since he was my favorite, but then again I try not to think about it. I really have no thoughts on where this post is going but I liked the picture and was sure I could come up with something clever. I thought of something the other day but then it was gone before I could get out my sticky notes- aka: lifesavers. Jared chopped down some corn shocks down for me today and Morgan helped me put them on the porch posts. The leaves have really started to change around here but the weather is still nice. It's in the low 80's this week but last week it got down into the lower 40's. No frost yet so I guess that means we still have Indian Summer to look forward to. We took a day trip this past weekend to go to this Lumberjack Festival that ended up being several more counties away (we found this our after driving 1hr. & 30min.). Instead, we went to this Rocky Mountain Boot Factory where we stayed for 2hrs. for Jared to pick out the 'perfect' pair of boots. Then we ventured over to Old Man's Cave, which really isn't a cave at all. It was more like big rocks or cliffs. It was still really cool though. Not much going on this weekend. I think mom and dad are putting in new windows (the old ones are moldy and they were still under warranty), Morgan's babysitting, and Jared will probably be off gallivanting somewhere (in his new boots), like normal. Sunday, Morgan has a photo shoot to do in the afternoon, so I'll probably accompany her on that and then Jae and I have youth group in the evening. We are doing a Bible study on the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. It's been pretty good so far. Whelp, I suppose it will be on this random note that I leave you:

"Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees."

Yours Faithfully,



  1. Ok, this one made me laugh. On another note, I really want to read that book!

  2. What a great post! Aww... the pig is so cute looking... that's sort of... sad. But then again, I'm sort of scared of pigs because I have heard sooo many stories about bitting pigs. ugh. ;D

  3. Oh my word.....I think I'm going to cry....
    ....AND I DON'T LIKE PIGS!!!!!

    POOOOOOR JB!!!! D=

  4. wow you handled that so much better than I would have cause there's the three of us girls we would have crying and sick at the table. How can you love a pig so much and then eat him all though I love pork chops now thinking of Jim bob "may he rest in peace" I do not think I will be able to eat one for a while now.


  5. Aww...the poor little pig. I must admit, this post made me chuckle!

    I'm hoping to get Do Hard Things for Christmas!!

  6. Was it strange to eat something you'd seen alive and snorting? I think it may have been for me, but then I think "hey, I've eaten a chicken that I kind of saw!"

  7. i know i don't read you blog very often but this cracks me up b/c your blog posts don't sound like you...i don't know why...but they don't! what up with that?


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