Friday, October 17, 2008

I am: Olivia

I know: Lots of people

I have: Too much

I wish: That their was justice for all.

I hate: Spiders

I miss: Being a carefree kid.

I fear: Spiders

I feel: Great

I hear: The sound of the computer, Morgan closing her drawers, and Jae on the 4-wheeler.

I smell: Nothing.

I crave: Couscous

I search: ???

I wonder: What's at the the end of the rainbow.

I regret: Many things I've said.

I love: Many.

I am not: Agreeable (Morgan said that)

I believe: In God.

I dance: Not very well.

I sing: But I don't sound good.

I cry: When I laugh hard.

I don't always: Like talking.

I fight: ???

I write: On a whim.

I win: Nothing

I lose: Checkers.

I never: Eat crickets

I always: Have milk in the morning.

I confuse: Myself

I listen: When people are talking to me.

I can usually be found: Doing school or practicing piano

I need: An understanding of chemistry.

I am happy about: The possibility of a bonfire on Friday.

I imagine: Many things


  1. good answers! I absolutely loved this one! They're always fun.


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