Friday, September 12, 2008


I thought I'd post a few pictures of me showing Jared's hog, John Boy, in open class during the fair. We have more pictures on the family blog and I'm sure there will be more pictures and video soon.
Celia and I hanging out...waiting for my name to be called.
How many farm kids does it take to get a hog to the show areana???Me getting ready to head to the show areana with Dad, Jared, Caleb, and Lucas laughing about something.^ ^ Showin' my little <3>

Headed back to the pen after placing 9th.^ Placing John Boy back with his buddy, Jim Bob. (Notice: You stick your ribbon in one pocket and keep your little brush in the other.)

Tonight we are having bacon and sausage with supper, which is also known as John Boy...we try not to think about it when we are eating it.


  1. Congrats on placing 9th! You are a lovely showwoman! :-D Enjoy your dinner!

  2. Ha,ha! I think it's really funny that you named your pigs John Boy and Jim Bob! We borrowed some Walton's from some friends of ours last year. Did Jim Bob taste good???

  3. those are the most awesome pics i've seen in a while!

    well done!


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