Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Really Nice Things About My Sister

Yesterday Morgan pretty much dared me to write 10 nice things about her on my blog-it''ll prove to be a challenge but I'm up for Here goes:

1. She has great hair.

2. She's fairly good at keeping secrets.

3. She can take wonderful pictures.

4. She's an awesome dancer.

5. She can sew really good.

6. She can sing.

7. She's great at picking clothes out.

8. She's good with little kids.

9. She can bake really delicious yeast breads.

10. She's really smart when it comes to computer stuff.

Haha Morgan, told ya I'd do it (and I didn't even use exclamation points).


  1. okay--now I think you should write10 not-so-nice things about her!!!

  2. Awwe you are so sweet Liv!!!
    I am going to make my sisters do the same about me ! JK ;)

  3. thats so sweet liv me and Alyssa dance together all the time JAZZ!!!!!!!

  4. your swing that's what lyss seys MADDIE


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